Doubles Registration

Registration Status: ONLINE

The Registration App is now ACTIVE and ONLINE!
The leagues below that are indicated as OPEN will
be taking registrations this coming session.

Sunday Hospitality Industry Hcap - CLOSED
Monday Hcap - Cap 80 Newbie/Casual-
Tuesday Hcap Mixed Dbls - Cap 100 -
Wednesday Hcap Mixed Dbls - Cap 100 -CLOSED
Wednesday Hcap - Cap 80 Newbie/Casual - CLOSED
Thursday Hcap - Cap 100 - OPEN
Thursday Hcap - Cap 120 - OPEN
Use Hardcore For Cap 120
Thursday HARDCORE -

To help with your selection, please consider the following...
Cap 80 is considered a Beginner/Casual league.
Cap 100 is considered a Casual/Intermediate league.
Cap 120 is considered an Intermediate/Advanced league.
HARDCORE is considered an Advanced league.

All registration fees will be refunded if the session does not start within 30 days of projected start date.

Please make sure you receive an automated response to your registration. You will get two notifications...One for the registration itself, and one for your receipt of payment.

Once this form is filled out, you will be taken to the payment portion of the registration process. Payment can be made through any Credit/Debit card, or Paypal account.

You will receive an automated response confirming what you have entered.

When registering your team, you will need to confirm your chosen location will host you, and has available space.

Get the word out...the quicker we get teams signed up, the sooner we start!

There will be a team cap of 80, 100, or 120 CPR (Combined Payer Rating) for these leagues unless otherwise speccified. Refer to the Player Rating List to make sure your team is under the cap when registering. If you are a new player, contact ESD for assistance.

Good Luck, and Good Darts!

Thanks for registering!

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