Participating Locations:

Andy's Sports Bar
Arsenal City Tavern
Black Bear Inn
Bourbon Street Saloon
Cafe Hollywood
Heritage Pub
Hill St Cafe
Lark Tavern
Madison Grille
McAddy's Pub
Patrick's Pub
Ship's Pub
Washington Tavern

Requirements To Play:

You must be a member of our Facebook Group set up for ESD Dart Club. You must submit a valid phone number and valid email address.

ESD Dart Club Facebook Group


ESD Dart Club was created with the belief there are people who want a league experience, but need a flexible schedule. Dart Club offers you the opportunity to engage in a league play format, establish hard stats that can be used for leagues and tournaments, and help familiarize you with our league system.

We achieved this by creating a 5 Game Open Singles format with no set schedule. Play literally whenever your schedule allows. Players can join our facebook group to challenge other players, or you can bring a friend and play each other! Stats are available on our league page to help you pick an opponent with similar ability. Arrange a day and time with your opponent and go play! The boards already have your format set up and ready to go.

Ready to fit some fun in your busy schedule? Get started by clicking the link in the sidebar to join our Facebook Group and play your first match today!

Participating in ESD Dart Club will make you eligible to play in the upcoming ESD Points Series! Certain restrictions apply - contact Jeff MacIntosh at 518-862-2216

ESD Points Series

League At A Glance
Players Per Team:
1 Player Per Team (Singles)
Registration Fee:
No Regisrtation Fee
Weekly Dues:
No Dues - Match Fee $5 per player/match (Includes Cost Of Games)
Sponsor Fee:
No Sponsor Fee
Open or Hcap:
Currently set as Open with no Handicap
Players may pick their opponents based on ability level
Stats for players who have played at least one match will be posted
Match Length:
5 Games
Games Played:
2 501 - Open In/Open Out, 2 Cricket, 1 Bermuda Triangle
Game Format:
Players flip a coin to decide Home Team and who shoots first. Loser goes first each following game. All games are 1 vs. 1
Season Length:
No set season schedule - Format available any night, any time, all year
Playoff Payouts:
Expected Ability:
Players will be able to pick opponents based on theri current ability level. It is expected there will be a wide range of players participating
League Contact:
Jeff MacIntosh @ 518-862-2216 or email
League Status:
This format is ongoing.
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