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Teams that sign up will have their choice of boards that are available. Particpating in either of these leagues will qualify you to play in the ESD Points Series. Click on the image below for more info.

ESD Points Series

ESD's Doubles leagues were setup to provide a venue for people who prefer the ease of a 2 person team. It features a 9 game format normally, where you get to play each game, and never sit. Dependent on which league you choose, there is a HANDICAP format or an OPEN format available. This league may also employ the use of Team Caps, which limits the combined average of the two players on the team. Teams are based out of our Albany and Troy-Vliet area participating locations. These leagues are travelling leagues with a short travel radius. In most cases, a minimum of 6 teams is required for the league schedule to be released. Registration time may be extended for that purpose.

This is a travelling league with a total radius of 8 miles. All teams earn money back based on wins and losses. To find out the latest start dates and sign up info, contact ESD at esdarts@hotmail.com or Jeff MacIntosh at 518-862-2216.

League At A Glance
Players Per Team:
2 w/ Max of 2 Subs
Registration Fee:
$10 Per Player
Weekly Dues:
9 Game Format - $10 Per Week (Includes Cost Of Games)
11 Game Format - $11 Per Week (Including Cost Of Games)
13 Game Format - $12 Per Week (Including Cost Of Games)
Sponsor Fee:
No Sponsor Fee Is Directly Billed
Open or Hcap:
Leagues are handicapped unless otherwise indicated as OPEN.
Match Length:
Default - 9 Games, 11 or 13 Games if indicated
Games Played:
4 Team 501, 4 Stacked Cricket, 1 Stacked 701 or Crazy Cricket. Freeze Rule for Team 01 Games (See Sidebar).
Game Format:
2 Players From Each Team Play Each Game - No Sitting. Each Player Plays 9 Games Total Per Match
Season Length:
Varies On Number Of Entries - Average 10-14 Weeks
Playoff Payouts:
Expected Ability:
Range varies dependent on Team Cap
League Contact:
Jeff MacIntosh @ 518-862-2216 or email esdarts@hotmail.com
League Status:
Registration Currently Open For Winter Leagues
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