What is the Super Shot Pot?

It's a fun addition to our tournament program where players can win cash!

Everyone who goes to a dart tournament would like a shot at winning some money, and the Super Shot Pot gives anyone a chance to score some cash!

How it works...
It's starts as a raffle where tickets are sold for $1. The pot increases with each ticket sold. If your name is drawn, you get to pull a chip out of the bag. The chips are numbered 1-20. The number drawn is the TRIPLE segment you will shoot at. You will then shoot three darts at that Triple. For each successful dart thrown, you earn one third of the pot.

Rules For The ESD Super Shot Pot.
You must be a participant of the event to buy a ticket.
NO PRACTICE ALLOWED once you have pulled your chip.
You have 30 seconds to throw your three darts once you step to the line.
The dart must stick in order to count, no bounce outs or fall outs.
Foul Line rules will be enforced. It is a TOE LINE and you must be BEHIND it.
Leftover cash will roll to the next event to increase the pot.
A maximum of $500 per dart will be awarded.
Any surplus cash will be held for future events to keep the pot high.
The player must use the small target (13") on the Arachnid Galaxy 3 Dartboard only

Take a chance for a dollar!
Register for one of our events and get in on the Super Shot Pot!